Leveling a Character

In the Adventurer’s Guild characters don’t level up using Experience Points (XP). The Guild uses an in-house leveling structure, known as Adventure Points (AP). For every session of play (roughly 4 hours, or as determined by the DM), characters are awarded an Adventure Point, which is used towards progressing to the next level for that character.

All characters start at Level 1, with no faction. After finishing their first mission, characters are awarded 1 Adventure Point, which is used to reach Level 2. As characters gain experience, higher levels will cost more Adventure Points to reach. The cost for each level is as follows:

Level 2 – 1 AP
Level 3 – 1 AP
Level 4 – 1 AP
Level 5 – 2 AP
Level 6 – 2 AP
Level 7 – 2 AP
Level 8 – 2 AP
Level 9 – 3 AP
Level 10 – 3 AP
Level 11 – 3 AP

Once characters get to level 10/11, they usually go on one last big adventure before retiring as a hero of the Guild. This allows players to change which table they play on for their next series of adventures. If a player attends every fortnight, it should take approximately 6 months to get their character to the point of retirement.

As an easy way to remember how many adventure points you need to level up, it’s always one less then a character’s proficiency bonus at the level you are trying to reach.

Leveling a Character

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