Guild Quartermaster

The Adventurers Guild Quartermaster has the following items available for sale:

All Members can purchase any Oil or Potion from the official books. The prices are:

Common Potions – 50 Gold
Uncommon Potions – 100 Gold

Rare, Very Rare and Legendary Potions can only be purchased at the DMs discretion. The DM will set the price as appropriate for their game.

You can details on all the potions from the official books here.

Magic Items can only be purchased with Guild Commendations. These items cannot be sold outside the guild. Standard attunement limitations apply.

Level 3+ characters can purchase any uncommon magic item from the official books for 2 Commendations.

Level 6+ characters can purchase any rare magic item from the official books for 3 Commendations.

Level 8+ characters can purchase any very rare magic item from the official books for 5 Commendations.

Level 10+ characters can purchase any legendary magic item from the official books for 7 Commendations. Characters can only equip one legendary item at level 10.

Magic items can be traded back to the Quartermaster for their purchase price.

All magic item purchases must be O.K’d by your DM. You can find a complete listing of official magic items at D&D Beyond.

While these are the general rules AG runs under, DMs can change the rules at their table at their discretion for long running campaign games.

If you’re unable to see the details of a magic item, you can ask in our Discord channel for more info:

Guild Quartermaster

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