Gold and Magic Items


While currency in the world of Adventurers Guild is based on the Gold Standard, Gold Coins are rarely seen in actual day to day affairs. The currency translates to modern terms as follows:

1 Copper = 1 Dollar
1 Silver = 10 Dollars
1 Electrum = 50 Dollars
1 Gold = 100 Dollars
1 Platinum = 1000 Dollars

Most day to day transactions are conducted with either Copper or Silver. In terms of what this will buy you, it translates to:

1 Copper = An apple or a piece of bread.
1 Silver = A meal at a tavern
1 Electrum (5 Silver) = A small room for the night
1 Gold (10 Silver) = An luxurious hotel room in a large city
1 Platinum (100 Silver) = A well crafted (non-magical) weapon

Characters within the Adventurers Guild will receive a standard fee of 50 gold for each mission successfully completed.

In addition to mission payments, members are free to keep whatever gold they acquire while on a mission, whether that be from fallen enemies or treasure chests. How mission loot is divided among characters is entirely up to the party.


At the end of each session, characters will be awarded one guild commendation . Commendations can be used to purchase magic items from the guild quartermaster.

If a character wishes to upgrade their magical items, they can only be traded back to the quartermaster for their purchase value.

Gold and Magic Items

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