Tag: weapon


  • Vorpal Sword

    This simple long sword is all but indistinguishable from an ordinary weapon. Close examination reveals faint elaborate script running the length of the blade. When a sentient creature notes the script, the creature understands the meaning of the writing. …

  • Staff of Charming

    This length of oak has end caps of silver. Fine threads of bright light twine almost hypnotically through the grain of the wood. A person grasping this weapon feels confident in social situations and feels as if he or she can convince anyone of anything.

  • Staff of Striking

    This sturdy staff is made of oak and lacks adornment, except for a single glyph carved near the head. When held firmly, a staff of striking causes the wielders hands to tingle slightly. These staffs are thought to have originated among a sect of mendicant …

  • Wand of Binding

    This wand is actually a length of chain held rigid by the magic that infuses it. The chain is crafted from adamantine, and runes of binding and imprisonment adorn each link.