Ring of Mind Shielding

Very rare ring


Property: Wearing the ring makes you immune to any effect that allows another creature to read your thoughts, to discern whether you are telling the truth, or to determine your alignment. Telepathic communication with you succeeds only if you allow it. As an action, while you wear the ring, you can render it invisible. The ring remains invisible until you use an action to make it visible, you remove the ring, or you die.
Secret: Upon the your death, if you’re wearing the ring, your soul is transferred to the ring. When this happens, you can have your soul stay in the ring or depart at any time for the afterlife. While a soul remains in the ring, it can telepathically communicate with a new wearer, who becomes aware of the ring’s secret. The wearer cannot prevent this telepathic communication but might be able to take measures to force the soul out of the ring.


This fine ring is wrought from heavy gold.

Ring of Mind Shielding

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