Portable Hole

Rare wondrous item


Property: You can use an action to unfold or fold up a portable hole. When opened fully, a portable hole covers a 6-­‐foot-­‐diameter surface. At the other extreme, it can be folded up to the dimensions of a handkerchief. When spread across any solid surface, a portable hole creates an extradimensional hole that is 10 feet deep. Since the space within the hole does not exist in the same plane as the item, a portable hole can’t be used to create open passages through floors, walls, doors, and other surfaces. A portable hole can be stowed by taking hold of the edges of the cloth and folding it up. Folding The cloth closes the hole, and any creatures or objects within remain in the hole’s extradimensional space. Creatures or objects placed in a portable hole do not add to the item’s weight, which is negligible. A creature inside a portable hole can exit the hole by walking, crawling, or climbing out of it. If the item is folded up, a creature can make a DC 10 Strength check as an action to force its way out. On a successful check, it appears within 5 feet of the portable hole or the creature possessing it. There’s enough air in a closed portable hole to sustain creatures for up to 10 minutes. Each portable hole has its own extradimensional space.
Secret: Placing a bag of holding inside a portable hole opens a momentary gate to the Astral Plane. Any creatures within a 10-­‐foot radius are drawn to the Astral Plane, the rift closes, and the portable hole and bag of holding are destroyed. If a portable hole is placed into a bag of holding, a similar rift appears, but it leads to a random plane of existence.


This fine cloth, soft as silk, unfolds into a circular sheet. When spread across a surface, the sheet seems to vanish, dropping away into a hole that wasn’t there before.

Portable Hole

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