Oil of Etherealness

Uncommon potion


Property [Consumable]: You must spend 10 minutes applying this oil to your body and all your equipment. When you finish, you—along with your clothing, armor, weapons, and other equipment—become incorporeal and invisible for 1 hour. The oil enables you to exist on the border between the Ethereal Plane and the Material Plane. As an action, you can move from this planar border fully into the Material Plane or deeper into the Ethereal Plane, or you can move from the Material Plane to the planar border again. While you remain fully on the Material Plane, you are not incorporeal. When the effect ends, you return to the Material Plane.


This cloudy gray oil smells like rain. Upon applying this oil to oneself, the user sees all color leach from the surroundings. Billowing fog boils out of thin air, making everything indistinct. The mist seems more real than the faded world.

Oil of Etherealness

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