Elven Chain

Very rare magic armor (mithral shirt)


Property: You can wear this armor as if you were proficient with it.


Elven chain is exceptionally fine and light mithral chain mail, elaborately decorated with woven lines that twist like vines, and incorporating other precious metals, such as silver, gold, and platinum. Donning the armor feels like slipping into a silk tunic, and the chain mail does not constrain the wearer’s movement. The magic woven into the elven chain enables the wearer to cast spells freely as well. Mithral armor is usually made by dwarves, who mine the metal deep in the earth. Where dwarves and elves come together for trade or another common purpose, elven smiths craft fine shirts of the metal. The elves guard elven chain jealously. In ancient times, they sometimes bestowed such armor on a dwarf who had earned their friendship, but generally it is meant for elves’ use. A gift of such armor is a sign of deep respect.

Elven Chain

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