Theren of Chult

3rd Level Monk


Theren has lived virtually alone, under the watchful eye of his master, for all of his life.

Aside from a horrific incident with a lonely lizard-folk princess, Theren has never kissed a female, nor has he ever know the bosom of mother. He was raised by very old monk and remained in a remote corner of the Forest of Chult for all of his childhood and formative years.

Upon his masters death, Theren donned the ill-fitting, yellow robe of his teacher and left the Chultan Peninsula with a stick and a curious appetite for ever increasing adventure…

Theren still bears the scars of his first kiss, and therefore keeps his face hooded in shadow.


  • 19th Dec 2014 – The Dungeon of Dragons. Theren joined the guild and embarked on his first adventure to retrieve a magical helm from a treacherous dungeon filled with lethal traps and more foes than he has ever encountered in his rather solitary life. Theren proved to be good with rope!
  • 16th Jan 2014 – Malice of Mintar. Theren the Elf ,friend of fishmongers, has become more confident un-hooding his scarred and earless head around fellow guild members, but he still spends much of his time around the guild house in solitary devotion to the “Way of the Open Hand” – developing his ability to knock, throw or stun his damaged victims. He is even becoming proficient in catching arrows, although he has unfortunately developed a small fear of Oxen and all hoofed creatures.

Theren of Chult

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