Second in Command of the Blingdenstone Reclamation Task Force


Kalric looks fairly standard for a svirfneblin at just under four feet tall with dark skin. He bears the scars of many battles, and wields his two short swords expertly. His journey to the Adventurers Guild keep with Galinndan has left him with even more scars and burns.


Kalric spent many decades fighting a guerilla war after the fall of Blingdenstone, earning the respect of his fellow svirfneblin as well as the surface dwelling forces that came to the aid of the deep gnomes. It seemed that the end of his war was finally in sight, and the arrival of reinforcements from the Adventurers Guild signaled that the final phase had begun.

Unfortunately, the mission went horribly wrong, and Kalric was resigned to the fact that he would die at the hands of the skeletal remains of his former comrades. Just as he was about to meet his end, Galinndan leapt on top of him and used his hearthstone to teleport the pair to the Adventurers Guild Keep. Kalric suffered grievous wounds from the unorthodox teleport, and remains in a coma to this day.


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