Graham the Magnificent

Former 2nd level mage


Graham realized at an early age that nothing really matters. You can pretty much do whatever you want — so he became a magician. No one stopped him. It was pretty easy, really. The hardest part was picking a name.

He worked the books for a group of troubadours and vagabonds, paying most of his wage to their wizard, Stupendous Samuel. The wizard had a thick, curled moustache like a strongman til it was blown off in a spectacular explosion — the explosion was so pretty that no one even remembers what the original trick was supposed to be — so Samuel trained Graham til his moustache grew back and he could perform again.

When he left the troop, always kind and curious, Graham looked for people to help out (more often dazzle). He made some friends and even had a pet turtle for a while, but it ran away. It’s probably fine.

After being accidentally knocked down a slope by one of his companions, Graham unfortunately ended up in a heap in front of an enormous hobgoblin that his party had been hunting. The hobgoblin then proceeded to cut Graham in half with two swings of his greatsword. An unceremonious end for a wizard, but hey, that’s adventuring for you.


Graham the Magnificent

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