Floppy (Wibblekibun Bibi-nain)

Gnome goatrider from the Star Mountain forests (Warlock 5)


A gnomish forest scout wearing browned leathers and carrying a staff topped with the trophy horns of a goat he defeated at the great goat rodeo.


The Star Mountain Forests of my homeland are sometimes traveled by caravans of merchants carrying livestock from the fields beyond. I’ve been guiding them from the back of my trusty steed, Bibiaman Hamnasador, (one of the finest goats in my clan (Dukurdoor), except for Kwibblebaum, but thats another story) safely through the forests for most of my life. The way I see it, the faster they get through, the less chance that brigands will attack them, and less chance the brigands are attracted to my forest, keeping my clan, The Great Goat Rodeo, and my family, safer. Last caravan that came through had some VERY fine looking nannies on it. Well, right at the edge of the forest we camped with the merchant and drank much of his brandy. When I woke up the merchant, caravan AND my steed was gone, likely following after the nannies. I’ve been searching for him since.
My Pact was made with Orcus. The orcs advancing on my clan home were under his command. He offered me a pact to save them, and as is known, I will do anything to save my family. This is how I became a Warlock.

Floppy (Wibblekibun Bibi-nain)

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