Fae'Nor Forest-Song

Wealth, Status? These things mean nothing to me. They won't save you from a Hungry Owlbear


Background: Guild Artisan: Apothecary/Healer


Fae’Nor was a young lad gifted with the art of healing and as such, apprenticed to a notable Apothecary. Fae’Nor grew under his master’s tutelage, learning more about the craft of healing but ever searching for more knowledge.

Whilst adventuring in the woods in search of rare herbs, Fae’Nor stumbled upon an injured wolf, with her paw stuck in a trap. Fae’Nor calmed the beast and freed her, then using his skills to treat the injured paw.

Fae’Nor remained with the wolf for days, feeding and tending the wolf until she could manage on its own. The wolf licked Fae’Nor and then vanished into the woods. Shortly after Fae’Nor was approached by the local Druid Grove and invited to join the Order.

Fae’Nor has served his initiate period within the Druid Grove and then instructed to go forth into the world as a Rite of Passage, it was at this phase of Fae’Nor’s life that he was approached and subsequently inducted into the Adventurer’s Guild

Fae'Nor Forest-Song

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