Cannon Proud

1st level Elf Ranger


Cannon Proud is not his real name. Delving in to his background, one can only find plans gone awry, broken promises, sibling rivalry and gang violence. Cannon’s history as a renowned fugitive began with the Proud, an alliance of jaded youth and violent misfits, dedicated to causing chaos and funding their lives of crime.

One night after a minor robbery, the Proud leader, Falkner S. Proud, unleashed his wrath upon the others, accusing two members of deceit, greed and disloyalty towards him. In particular, Falkner shot blame towards Cannon’s younger brother; who had not been seen or heard from for two days. This absence did little to prove his innocence and only provoked the Prouds’ suspicion.

Despite his doubt, Cannon stood in defense of his brother and made bold judgments of the Proud leader. This was met by a customary fit of rage, as Falkner gouged out Cannon’s right eye in a single movement. Searing with pain, Cannon fled the scene, grasping at his bleeding eye cavity. In the distance, a chain lightning spell erupted through the Proud gang. Fallen calloused bodies littered the ground. Cannon searches for his brother’s whereabouts to this day.


Cannon Proud

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