Adventurers Guild

Roots of Corruption

Two years ago, the city of Myth Drannor was overrun with vermin. While adventurers were able to purge the infestation, bigger problems at the time ensured few paid attention. Now an awfully familiar fungus spreads its tendrils through the ancient woodlands of Cormanthor and this time it’s proving harder to kill…

A number of new characters were recruited by the Adventurers Guild this week and were sent off on their first mission.

After travelling through the portal, the party met Tellanor Audark at an Elven patrol camp who briefed them on the problem of the tainted forest and requested they venture within to uncover the source of the taint and hopefully put a stop to whatever power is behind it.

One month ago, scouts reported the growth of several patches of fungi throughout Cormanthor, which soon spread to claim large sections of the forest. This growth seems to defy the normal laws of nature, and over the last month these fungal growths have started to corrupt the forest plant and animal life. The last group we sent to scout the area has not returned, and Tellanor fears they have fallen.

After leaving the camp and being led to an entrance to the woods, the brave adventurers set forth to investigate. Once under the trees, they quickly noticed the stagnant waters, sickly trees, and distinct lack of animals.

After scouting a possible path the previous patrol may have taken, they came to a wide clearing, with a lone, ancient tree in the middle. After noticing a shadowy upper branches, Galinndan instinctively threw his trusty hand axe at the creature. It missed, but landed squarely into the trunk, which immediately upset the creature. Myrdin then noticed the creature to be a dryad, a nature spirit who shares her existence with her beloved tree. Both dryad and tree have been sickened by the disease though. Using amazing negotiation skills in the sylvan language, Myrdin calmed the dryad and even convinced her to come down and be healed by Ariel’s paladin skills. The dryad had originally tricked them, saying the scouting party was one way, but had a change of heart and told them the truth and that they went in a different direction. Edgar continued to pen his poetry verses.

Tainted Stream

Corrupted Guardians

Abyssal Portal
NPC Gaelen

Heart of the Corruption




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