Welcome to the Adventurer’s Guild

Adventurer’s Guild is an organised play system run by the members of the Meetup group of the same name. The concept is that players can join as few or as many Adventurer’s Guild sessions as they like, and the character will continue to progress in the story at sessions which they attend. The campaign setting is an ongoing, persistent, and living world, in which the actions of characters will affect the outcomes of future playing sessions.

The Guild is not run by one DM, but rather a team of DMs who work together and collaborate on the overarching story lines, but concentrate their work down to running standalone “encounters” sessions in which different mixes of players will participate. DMs are welcome to run as few or as many sessions as they like, which gives DMs flexibility in hosting games and without having to commit to a fixed campaign schedule. It even means that a member wishing to try DMing for the first time can give it a try!

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