Holy Avenger

Legendary magic weapon (long sword)


Property: You gain a +1 bonus to the attack rolls and the damage rolls you make with this weapon. An evil creature that touches the weapon experiences strong revulsion. If it maintains contact with the weapon for 1 round, the creature takes 3d6 psychic damage. That creature continues to take this damage each time it starts its turn holding or carrying the weapon.
Property: You must be a member of The Silver Hand to become attuned to the weapon. The weapon’s bonus to attack rolls and damage rolls increases to +3, and your attacks made using the weapon deal 2d10 extra damage to fiends and undead. While you have this weapon drawn and in hand, the sword creates a 5-­‐foot-­‐radius sphere centered on you. You and all creatures friendly to you in the sphere have advantage on saving throws against magic.


This long sword’s straight blade is white as alabaster, and the crossguard forms flaring angelic wings of gold. Its hilt and pommel boast symbols of law and good. Whenever the blade is drawn, the sound of a distant horn fills the air, calling warriors to battle. Holy avengers were forged in the heavens by angels. They were given as gifts by various gods to their most reverent martial followers in an age of demonic aggression, tipping the balance of favor from the fiends to the mortals. Any fiend that sees a holy avenger immediately knows that the blade was used to destroy many of its kind, and that the wielder is an avowed warrior of the forces of good.

Holy Avenger

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