Efreeti Chain

Rare magic armor (chain mail)


Property: While wearing this armor, you gain the following benefits:

  • +2 bonus to AC
  • Fire resistance
  • The ability to move across molten rock as if it were solid ground
  • Draconic and Primordial added to the list of languages you know

The links of this suit of chain mail look like they’re forged of brass, but they are stronger than ordinary iron. Efreeti chain protects its wearer from extreme heat, so even the most sweltering temperatures feel comfortably warm. It gives off a dim white glow when exposed to flames. This armor is said to come from the fabled City of Brass, the home of the efreet. Sometimes it is available for purchase in the extravagant markets of the city, but more commonly it is found in treasure hoards or the collections of eccentric and wealthy patrons.

Efreeti Chain

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