Dwarven Thrower

Very rare magic weapon (warhammer)


Property: You gain a +1 bonus to the attack rolls and the damage rolls you make with this warhammer.

Property: If you are a dwarf, the weapon’s bonus increases from +1 to +3. In addition, this weapon has the thrown property with a range of 25/50 feet. If you hit with an attack made by throwing this weapon, the attack deals 1d8 extra damage, or 2d8 extra damage if the target is a giant.


The sledge atop this warhammer is wrought to resemble a dwarf’s visage, hair streaming out to form the claw at the back. When the weapon is swung, the dwarf’s face moves as if yelling a battle cry. When giants threatened their mountain kingdoms, the dwarves forged these weapons in the deeps and gave them to the greatest warriors of each clan. Dwarven throwers are one reason that dwarves remain in the world. Most dwarven throwers are lost in ancient ruins, interred with the heroes who last wielded them. Dwarves who see someone wielding one of these warhammers, regardless of the wielder’s race, sometimes honor the wielder for having returned a weapon of storied wonder to the light.

Dwarven Thrower

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