Black Dragon Scale of Resistance

Rare magic armor (dragon scale)


The midnight-­‐black scales of this armor fit together perfectly and move with the smoothness of a slithering serpent. A suit of this armor usually has a matching helmet that incorporates a dragon’s horns. The helmet is often mundane but sometimes has its own, distinct magical properties. While worn, this armor trails a ghostly darkness resembling a dragon’s folded wings and tail. When the wearer is agitated or attacked, this shadow cloak flares and spreads, suggesting outstretched wings, as the tail thrashes behind.

Property: While wearing this armor, you have acid resistance. In addition, once per day, you can use an action to gain resistance to bludgeoning damage, piercing damage, and slashing damage. This resistance lasts for 5 minutes.


Crafting a suit of armor from the scales of a dragon is a monumental undertaking, beginning but hardly ending with killing the dragon. Working the scales requires incredible temperatures that are hard to achieve with a mundane forge. The dwarves of old were masters of this art, but few smiths now remember the techniques required.

Black Dragon Scale of Resistance

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